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Mushy Missy - Lil Miss Stinkies air freshener (cinnamon)

Mushy Missy - Lil Miss Stinkies air freshener (cinnamon)

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Don’t let the name fool ya, these air fresheners are a GOOD kind of stink! Use one in your smelly room, your rank car or if you’ve forgotten to shower you can wear one as a necklace. (Not recommended)

This listing is for 1 cinnamon scented air freshener.

There are six stinks to collect, collect them all!

Tropical Trixie (mango)

Mushy Missy (cinnamon)

Poopy Penny (chocolate)

Weedy Wendy (green tea)

Seedy Sophie (strawberry)

Juicy Jolene (orange)

The Stinkies are sealed in a special bag to prolong their freshness!

Please note: the scents are released by heat so if you live in a cold area you might want to put them in front of your air duct if you have the warm air blowing out. 


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